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About Mansfield and Ashfield 2020

Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 the Award Winning Midlands Business Club. Our award demonstrates we are more than just a business club - we are the voice of the business community and make things happen!

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We are one of the longest established, trusted and uniquely united networking and business community professionals, renowned for making growth happen as we connect people, build partnerships and help grow organisations in Mansfield, Ashfield and surrounding areas.

We are recognised for creating and maintaining highly engaging partnerships in public and private sectors, producing award winning organisations, conducted compelling and highly accredited breakfast meetings, offer intuitive networking solutions with visually striking and informative presentations to connect our organisations.

Our philosophy has always been firmly centred on our business community and growth. With well over 170 members and affiliated members and a head strong board of communication, finance, legal experts working entirely for the good of this town, you'll consistently see the same dedicated and trusted individuals, ensuring you and your business benefits and is exposed to the maximum opportunities for growth in Mansfield, Ashfield and beyond.

Meet the Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 Team.

Whatever the size, sector or stage of development, membership of 2020 can be a vital asset to your business!

You are our Priority! We are the most cost effective and powerful marketing tool available for you and your organisation.

We work to promote, nurture, innovate and support our business community. Businesses in any industry or any size will benefit from the support and interest Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 will create for your organisation and this town!

We believe in Mansfield and Ashfield and instil confidence and belief in the future of the town. In turn we provide a wide range of benefits to our members.

Corporate Networking opportunities

The monthly breakfast networking meeting has evolved into a premier networking event and has been hailed as the best in the county. These successful meetings are extremely well attended by the local business community with an average regular attendance of 100 members.

We offer a relaxed but professional meeting structure for people who are serious about growing their business where members can take advantage of the opportunity to deliver a presentation to promote their organisation and raise their profile.

Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 breakfast meetings are highly respected and renowned within the county. They are reference tool and platform for influential and key portfolio holders to communicate to directly to the heart of the business community. Attendees are amongst the first to hear about major development and have the opportunity to make their voice heard to influence key decisions for the good of this town.

Mansfield and Ashfield 2020 continues to be the most successful breakfast networking organisation in the county and attracts key speakers such as TV and radio financial guru, Justin Urquhart-Stewart of Seven Investment Management. Justin praised the breakfast meeting as being one the foremost meetings of business networking, stating ‘Much larger towns have nothing to compare’ and referring to the number of attendees, ‘This doesn’t happen in any other part of the country’.

We also host socialable after-hours per quarter that deliver a relaxed opportunity for member to bring along friends and family to unique themed event.

Raising your profile - Network Marketing and Social Media

Membership provides the opportunity to promote and grown your business and play an active role in the development of the local business community. We provide an independent platform for your good news stories via local and regional publications including our media patrons Chad, Mansfield 103.2 radio and the Mansfield and Ashfield News Journal, our website and social media platforms. We provide unique event and sponsorship opportunities that not only create brand exposure but provide unique CSR ventures!

Inter trading benefits

Our portfolio offers exclusive member to member benefits, discounts and incentives. Enhancing and encouraging economic growth and support within the area.

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Enhance and strengthen your online profile and presences

All members have a full interactive profile page providing the opportunity to link promote and up date your profile live and interactive through social media and instant updating with your good news stories and promotion. Your organisation is also listed within our quarterly newsletter sent to over 4,000 emails and hard copies distributed to all members and business centres in the surrounding areas.

Weekly eNewsletters circulated to all members offering the opportunity to promote and raise your profile.

Unique and exclusive opportunity to circulate your information to a captive audience at our breakfast meetings – exclusivity provided to one sponsor per month with the opportunity to deliver an engaging presentation.

Producing award winning companies in our town!

2020 host the longest established business awards in North Nottinghamshire. Our prestigious business awards provides extensive local and regional press coverage and gives organisations positive boost and credibility. Our awards provide a platform and encourage many organisations to become national multi award winners! Providing determination to grow and reassurance to win over new contacts to grow their business.

2017 Business Awards will take place on Friday 28th April 2017. Click here for full details

Business Support and Training

You have access to an online business community allowing you to engage and influence the community along with direct access to business development and advice.

You also have access to over 100 courses to support key business disciplines including leadership, management, finance, sales and marketing, health and safety.

Recruitment and Apprenticeship

We work in partnership with recruitment agencies that can provide cost effective key support and help you select the people required to operate your business. Our partnership with Vision West Nottinghamshire College provides our member’s access to the country's largest providers of apprenticeships for 16-18 year olds with a reputation for innovation and excellence. We raise aspirations of local young people to nurture the future workforce.

Funding and Grants

Crime prevention and security for your business

Our partnership with Nottinghamshire police provides local businesses with advice on how to improve security and how your premises. We also have access to grants and funding to assist the security of your business.

Click here for a list of key business support contacts.

We welcome any enquiries.

Author: Caroline Cox

Caroline is the Operations Director for Mansfield and Ashfield 2020. The most important part of this role is to listen, support and act! Through monthly focus groups we identify opportunities and challenge key bodies to provide a partnership approach to avoid duplication and monitor efforts to fulfill our philosophy which has always been firmly centered on our business community, growth and skills.

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