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Freddy Mason Investigations

We offer reliable and discreet investigation services in child protection, insurance and workplace fraud, process serving and relationship investigations. We use all the latest techniques including computer data mining for information/background checks and importantly, surveillance as a tool to provide pictorial and video evidence if necessary.

Child Protection Concerns

This is one of my speciality areas having undertaken a vast amount of child protection investigations throughout my career. This has involved observations, gathering evidence, writing assessment reports and attending court to give evidence if required. Whether you need to check that the terms of a contact order are being adhered to, background checks on new partners or any number of concerns about who is looking after your child, then I can provide peace of mind that everything is as it should be or if not, then video/photographic evidence can be obtained and a full report provided.

Process Serving

I offer a prompt service within agreed timescales and I am available to collect the papers from your office. These include, court orders, divorce papers, injunctions/non-molestation orders, summons’ and writs etc. I aim for same day collection and same day undertaking of the initial visit. I can also undertake background checks if necessary. Legal Aid rates apply for all Legal Aid work carried out and a full report, and Statement of Service is provided.

Employment & Insurance Fraud

Feigning injury/sickness, theft at work or moonlighting is becoming increasingly common. This can be a big problem for both employers and insurance companies. The outcome is financial and workplace burdens which result in higher costs for all parties. I offer surveillance of individuals in the community or at work and can produce video/photographic evidence for you to use as you wish

Relationship Investigations

This is a highly discreet service that I offer to both private clients and solicitors in family matters where there is suspicion that the other partner is cheating or providing false information regarding their circumstances. Areas of investigation can include, Child Custody Issues, Child Maintenance Investigations, Cheating Partner Investigations, Background and Identity Checks, Financial Checks and Online Dating Investigations. All matters will be handled with courtesy, sensitivity and your data will be fully protected.

Background Checks

Are people really who they say they are? Are you worried about a new partner, a new person in your friends’ or family members’ life? Or perhaps you have someone you are talking to online? In this day and age of internet dating and social media sites, it is common knowledge that people can easily misrepresent themselves. Don’t be caught out. Let me check them out for you and provide a full report.


All areas of the services I provide can benefit from surveillance. This can enable suspicions to be confirmed or it can put your mind at rest that there is nothing underhand occurring. This can include surveillance of nannies, babysitters, employees and partners suspected of cheating. Covert surveillance coupled with video and/or photographic evidence will be provided as a matter of course along with a full report.