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Business Services Consultancy | Carlton , Nottinghamshire

Risk Management Specialist

As a Risk Management Consultant and Trainer, I specialise in working with Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SME), as well as, Private Residential Premises (PRP). The aim is to improve security through education, training, awareness and the implementation of contingencies and countermeasures, whilst analysing risk to the business and its staff, as well as private residences.

Corporate Clients:

Many companies rely on IT for technology, the loss prevention team at times of loss or theft. The emergency services when things go wrong. As always this can be down too little to no preparation, or down to poor planning, or, reliance the concept, that will never happen to me, and if it happens, then I will call.

Times of crisis can be stressful so don’t just rely on others, find out what YOU can do for yourself, rather than waiting till things go wrong, and finding you that you may be on your own, and, have no idea what to do if the worst happens.

What are some of the problems I have encountered during my security operations?

On a daily basis, I see employees walking down the street with the fingers texting, and or, driving vehicles whilst texting or using a mobile phone.

Carrying documents that should be in a briefcase.

Walking without stopping to take notice of their surroundings.

Talking about company related information without thinking about the risks to the company.

Talking on the phone, or to a colleague, regarding financial or banking operations, whilst sitting at a table in a coffee shop, this again opens risks to the company due to not thinking.Leaving luggage at transport hubs.

Company equipment left on display in vehicles.

Equipment left in rooms when overseas and unsecured.

Colleagues talking when out without being aware that their presence is being monitored.

Company documents being left at bars because staff leave work, go for a drink, and become distracted, leaving documents behind (we have all heard about the MI5 agent that did this).

Losing unencrypted thumb drives, that should be left in the office.

Sending CDs through the post, when vetted and secure couriers should be employed.

And the list goes on....

Many incidents of loss theft or damage are in all most all cases down to the human factor and all too often most could have been avoided if only someone had been paying attention to the behavior and or surroundings.

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