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A4e Education

A4e is a leading public service provider, serving tens of thousands of people across Europe, Australasia and Asia. Our core mission is to improve people’s lives.

We do this by running a range of ‘frontline’ public services including employment and welfare, training, education, and financial advice, a great deal of which we provide in partnership with a variety of public sector, not for profit and private sector organisations.

We aim to:

Support people to find and keep jobs, and help others set up their own businesses.

Deliver skills and training to ensure people can access the right employment and enhance their career prospects.

Reduce the risk of re-offending by tackling the root causes of crime and offending.

Provide access to financial advice

Improve access to health, social and relevant advisory services.

We also work with a wide network of over 2,000 employers, from large multi-nationals to small and medium sized companies, helping them recruit and train staff at all levels.