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Independent Financial Advisors | Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

What we do

Maddox Financial Solutions understand that many organisations cannot afford to employ a full time finance director, but we also know that they cannot afford not to benefit from the expertise a high quality finance director can bring.
We can solve this problem by providing you with the services of an experienced Finance Director to suit your requirements, be it on a part time, interim or project basis to provide flexible affordable expertise when you need it. Not only will you benefit from everything outlined here, chances are the appointment will not only pay for itself, but also for all of those other items in your business plan (or not!), which never make it to the approved budget.

Maximising Profits

Everyone knows that profit can be increased by generating additional revenue, or reducing costs, or even better - both; you don't need a finance director to tell you that. In addition to knowing what last years profit figure was, it is more important to ensure everyone is clear with regard to (i) exactly where it came from, (ii) whether underlying conditions are still the same, and (iii) what is contributing to it now.

Maddox Financial Solutions can review your key revenue and cost drivers and ensure that the budgeting and reporting systems are really capturing relevant data in a timely manner. Once this happens, everyone is better placed to make key business decisions with confidence, thus increasing the chance of success and in turn maximising profitability.