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Communicating your business achievements on an application form in a clear and exciting way isn’t easy. To give your entry to the Mansfield 2020 Business Awards 2016 a boost here are our top ten tips to maximize the impact your entry will have on our judges.

1. Don’t leave it to the last minute: Putting together a good entry takes time effort, so don’t put it off. Give yourself at least a couple of weeks to gather all the data you'll need to put your application on a solid footing. Submitting early will help you to overcome any challenges (like a failed upload!) so you don’t lose out.

2. Choose your category wisely: Think about the strengths and achievements in your business. Then try to match that with the category that best celebrates your successes. If you're not sure whether you meet the category criteria, there's help available – you can read the information available with the application form, or you can ask us directly by e-mailing

3. Cooperation makes it happen: Business is all about teamwork, so let everyone know you’re entering the awards. Get their support, and they’ll be able to give you valuable information and feedback to make your entry the best it can be.

4. Keep it simple: Focus on what the award category is actually asking for, some of your achievements might not be relevant to your category. Our judges appreciate clear, plain English, free from jargon and unexplained acronyms.

5. Make it flow: Tell a compelling story throughout the application and cross-reference between questions so you don’t have to repeat yourself.

6. Prove it!: Try to find as much evidence as you can (facts, statistics and testimonials) of your achievements. Things that can show your growth or impact like before and after data is great (it shows how far you’ve come) and quotes from third parties, especially customers.

7. Picture this: Images will bring your entry to life and, where complex information is concerned, a table or diagram is definitely worth a thousand words. Remember to resize any large images so your document doesn’t exceed the maximum size.

8. Get a fresh look: Get a critical friend from outside your business to proof-read your entry (maybe tempt them with cake!). They’ll be able to let you know if anything that’s hard to understand has crept in, and they could point out something amazing you’ve missed.

9. Follow the rules: The award rules apply to everyone, so keep to the word count, answer every question and make sure you submit your entry online before the deadline. Once the clock ticks past midnight on Tuesday 23rd February 2016, that's it - time's up!

10. If at first you don’t succeed...: If you’ve entered the 2020 Business Awards before and not succeeded use your previous experience of entering to make your submission this year even more outstanding. You'll have that all-important competitive advantage!

To download the form and enter click here. Good Luck!

Author: Caroline Cox

Caroline is the Operations Director for Mansfield and Ashfield 2020. The most important part of this role is to listen, support and act! Through monthly focus groups we identify opportunities and challenge key bodies to provide a partnership approach to avoid duplication and monitor efforts to fulfill our philosophy which has always been firmly centered on our business community, growth and skills.

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