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2020 Members Collaborating for you to have Feet and Ankle Care at Home

We put our feet through so much everyday, yet we rarely take any time to care for them until pain occurs.

Then it can dramatically affect your life.

Whether you are a runner, cyclist or just enjoy an active lifestyle. It could be shin, ankle, foot or even knee pain when walking or just generally sore feet. There are simple, easy and quick pain management techniques that you can do in the comfort of your own home that will help you get as pain free as possible. That’s why when approached by locally based businesses Purpose Media and SockMine to work with them on promoting foot care we jumped at the opportunity to help them promote their ‘Care for your Feet’ campaign.

Physio in the Park has collaborated with SockMine to produce short instructional video’s to demonstrate various different exercises that can help improve common foot and ankle problems such as Achillies Pain, Planta fascia pain, patella femoral pain ITB pain. These videos will be shared on our digital platforms in the hope to help those suffering unnecessarily can see how a few short exercises can improve sport performance and everyday comfort.

Katrina Starkie, marketing services director at Purpose Media, said: “Connecting and collaborating with local businesses is a big part of what we do here at Purpose Media, so it was great to be able to work with our client, SockMine, and the Physio in the Park on this video project.

“SockMine prides itself on the fact that its socks care for your feet, so it’s good to be able to get some expert insight into how different types of sock can have an impact on sporting performance, as well as some top tips for preventing common feet and leg injuries.”

“It’s a proven fact that videos create more engagement than other types of online content. Videos on Twitter are shared six times more than photos, while video views grew by 220% in 2016, so this is a great way for SockMine to get its ‘care for your feet’ message out there.”

We are looking forward to sharing the demonstration videos with you. We would always advise to book for an assessment initially to help identify and pinpoint the cause of the problem to ensure you follow the right exercises tailored for your pain management and help get you back on track as quickly and as effectively as possible.

Contact Physio in the Park for for help and advice: Tel: 01623 709710 Email:

Author: Caroline Cox

Caroline is the Operations Director for Mansfield and Ashfield 2020. The most important part of this role is to listen, support and act! Through monthly focus groups we identify opportunities and challenge key bodies to provide a partnership approach to avoid duplication and monitor efforts to fulfill our philosophy which has always been firmly centered on our business community, growth and skills.

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