Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 together we mean business

Linney Group

Linneys have been at the heart of the business community since 1851. Their heritage as a strong family business and their drive to innovate has kept them at the forefront of communication in a increasingly complex world, helping busiensses and brands trive. They have respect for their people, clients and the environment.

Nick Linney is a founder member and former chairperson of Mansfield 2010 (as 2020 was known as previously). Their company is based on development within and this is echoed with the educational work they support locally.

"To me 2020 is about many things but the main ones are firstly, the ability to know and meet other people from the area who are trying to make this area a better area. Not just business people but people from all walks of life unusually united in one cause - to make the area a better area."

Secondly, business locally and nationally plays a very small role in politics. To a certain degree, business has lost its voice, in spite of the fact that employment seems to remain one of the keys to social stability. 2020 gives business people the chance to have a voice and to push for the ‘pace of business’ to be inserted into local politics and the improving of our community.

Thirdly, there is the networking. Like it or hate it, it needs to be! Knowing who can supply you locally or who you can sell to locally or who does what locally is a big issue for any community. 2020, with it’s monthly busy/fizzy breakfast meetings provides a great and efficient forum to enable this to happen.

There are many other benefits from 2020 membership, some useful all the time and others ‘just when you need them’. For Linney Group, being part of a busy/ pacey organisation is a nice way to be involved in the community – it’s refreshing!" Nick Linney

Linney Group