Mansfield & Ashfield 2020 together we mean business

Mansfield District Council

Mansfield 2020 was set up with the aim of promoting and revitalizing the town. A number of objectives were set to achieve this. Over the years 2020 has made significant progress and helped stimulate economic growth through strategic and innovative partnerships between public and private sectors.

We have worked in partnership with Mansfield District Council from the onset which allows Mansfield 2020 to have a direct voice in what happens in our region and an opportunity to be involved with the future planning and development.

Mansfield 2020 have a unique and powerful partnership between local businesses, district and county councils and various business and community support organization. This partnership has been the driving force behind many ambitious and exciting ventures, including the MARR Route and Robin Hood Line.

Together we drive forward regeneration and guide initiatives for the benefit of our members and local community. We are a strong and respected voice and is consulted by local councils, MPs and many other organisations on the key issues facing our county.

Mansfield District Council